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management of metering systems

MetSolv field support technicians will complete verification testing to establish the performance characteristics of your metering system.

Validation is the planned and documented procedure used to establish the performance characteristics of a metering system.Mark Daly Waters

The validation process confirms by examining the acquired material that the particular requirements are being met and that the metering systems continue to operate within the uncertainty limits stipulated in the relevant international standards, local regulations and sales agreements.

Flow Element

Verification of a flow meter will consist of verifying that the correct and current primary meter calibration data is being applied, that the meter is operating in accordance with the relevant standard and that the fluid being measured is at appropriate conditions.

The diagnostic capability of current generation flow meters provides the operator with a flexible and powerful diagnostic capability on which to verify the meter’s performance. This information will be checked for consistency against the meter manufacturer’s data.

Flow Computer

Verification of flow computers will consist of verifying the computations performed to determine metering station through-put. The accuracy of computation is undertaken by simulating the metering stream instruments using keypad entered values for the various field inputs.

Transducers / Transmitters

Verification of secondary field transmitters will consist of verifying transmitters and associated loops to assess transmitter reproducibility performance.


Verification of the online analysers will consist, in addition to the daily auto calibration a reproducibility and repeatability validation using a known calibration standard consisting of a gas mixture representative of the gas components found in the export gas.

Function & Feature Testing

Your equipment’s basic functions and features may be spelt out in the manual, but it is important you are aware of their strengths and limitations. MetSolv’s technicians can determine the most functional aspects of your equipment.


Contact MetSolv today to find out how one of our Australian expert Engineers or Technicians can help you to validate the functional aspects of the flow metering of your oil and gas operations.


Metering Systems

Ensuring performance and flow measurement accuracy is critical to process operations profitability, MetSolv work closely with our clients to understand their operational requirements.

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Metering Compliance

MetSolv field support Engineers and Technicians can ensure that metering installations, operations meet compliance requirements.

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