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Audits are undertaken to check and validate hydrocarbon measurement instrumentation, data reporting, traceability and procedures.

It is essential that any problems, potential or actual are identified and highlighted; identification of such problems can result in financial savings. Measurement audits ensure that measurement systems are in compliance with the current regulations, international standards and commercial agreements.

Why Audit

Costly metering issues may go unnoticed during normal operations. In many cases only a very small amount of information is available or visible about a situation or phenomenon. Diligent inspections can dramatically reduce the probability of such occurrences.

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MetSolv's Independent Audit

MetSolv knows that streamlining your cost of doing business is integral to your profitability. The accurate and efficient operation of metering equipment is a critical aspect of any process handling vast volumes of fluids.

An equipment and systems audit is the best way to capture and measure your metering performance. 

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MetSolv can deliver:

  • Independent metering system audits
  • System performance assessment
  • Assessment of the primary measuring devices
  • Thorough check of all metering system equipment and their components
  • Assess the knowledge of the operator
  • Review operational and maintenance procedures




The audit and inspection report will provide for you and your employees a comprehensive collection of data that is clear and concise. 

Audit Report


  • Assessment that your metering equipment is functioning within compliance standards
  • List of actionable measures for improving measurement accuracy
  • Recommend economical alternatives for future performance improvements
  • Operation and maintenance procedures
  • Operator training
  • Product upgrades




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Metering Systems

Ensuring performance and flow measurement accuracy is critical to process operations profitability, MetSolv work closely with our clients to understand their operational requirements.

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Metering Compliance

MetSolv field support Engineers and Technicians can ensure that metering installations, operations meet compliance requirements.

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