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One of the products MetSolv is currently using is GCAS.                                                                                                 GCAS Brochure

What is GCAS?

GCAS small logoGCAS® (Gas Chromatography Analysis Software) is a software tool specifically designed for gas chromatographs (GC) conditional-based monitoring. The main purpose of the monitoring embedded in the software is:

1. To analyse instantaneous GC data and to provide a live uncertainty to see if it is operating within its stated accuracy.

2. To provide and analyse historical data in order to identify changes and predict failures.

3. To support extended reproducibility tests so that the GC uncertainty may be determined.

4. Identifies errors and self-troubleshoots to advice on the best corrective action to rectify the error and reduce prolonged financial exposure.

5. Removes the need for conventional GC maintenance activities.

What can GCAS Detect?

GCAS validates the gas chromatographs performance by detecting:

  • Calibration Gas Errors
  • Gas Chromatograph Leakage
  • Column Deterioration
  • Valve Timing Issues
  • Poor Handling Procedure
  • Heavy End Drop Out
  • Fault in Repeatability Test Interpretation
  • Fault in Control Chart Interpretation
  • Fault in Composition Comparison

Live Uncertainty 

With the unique patented method for calculating reproducibility GCAS is able to give you live uncertainty calculations after every routine calibration. Until recently this could only be achieved with laboratory analysis.

For fiscal applications GCAS can apply these values to ISO6976, to routinely calculate representative uncertainties for Calorific Value, Molecular Weight, Wobbe Index, Relative and Standard Density.

Supported Gas Chromatograph Brands

GCAS is compatible with any gas chromatograph device using thermoconductivity detector (TCD) and peak area formula to calculate response factor. GCAS supports the below gas chromatographs:

1. Brand-specific:

a. Daniel (Emerson)

b. ABB

c. Siemens

d. Elster (Honeywell)

2. Non brand-specific:

a. LNG chromatographs (Liquid Natural Gas, up to pentane)

b. BTEX analysers (aromatic hydrocarbons)

c. Single gas analysers


Metering Systems

Ensuring performance and flow measurement accuracy is critical to process operations profitability, MetSolv work closely with our clients to understand their operational requirements.

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Metering Compliance

MetSolv field support Engineers and Technicians can ensure that metering installations, operations meet compliance requirements.

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