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MetSolv, a rapidly expanding specialist metering company founded in Australia, has recently announced the establishment of an alliance with the National Engineering Laboratory, UK (NEL).

The aim of the expansion is to expand the range of complimentary portfolio of services for its customers.

As NEL is already an established provider of specialist technical consultancy, research, development, testing and measurement services to the world’s oil and gas industry, the alliance is a natural extension for both firms.

Giving NEL further industry credence is that it is the custodian for the UK’s National Standards for Flow Measurement, an important responsibility.

MetSolv is no stranger to working with key partners across the globe, as it has a long history of gleaning skills and experience from the leading oil and gas operators worldwide. These skills are essential for MetSolv’s clients in the oil and gas industry.

As the hydrocarbon industry grows increasingly competitive, it is increasingly clear to see the demand for reliable and accurate measurement of hydrocarbon quantities and qualities produced. Expert validation and maintenance is critical to ensure high performance levels and correct measurements are obtained.

MetSolv’s portfolio includes:

  • Operation and maintenance of metering systems;
  • Commissioning services and metering validations;
  • Measurement consultancy services;
  • Upgrade and improvement of systems;
  • Uncertainty analysis studies;
  • Supply of competent Engineers and technicians; and,
  • Technical liaison – third party.

MetSolv also offers auditing and training services, including:

  • Audits check and validating hydrocarbon measurements, data reporting, traceability and procedures.

Quality auditing procedures ensure that measurement systems are performing accurately and within current regulations, international standards and commercial agreements.

Any potential or evidenced problems are immediately identified and highlighted, to prevent financial loss for the client.

Client-tailored training courses are also measured against by MetSolv’s auditing, covering aspects of hydrocarbon measurement, including

  • Fundamentals of flow-measurement;
  • Wet gas and multi-phase flow;
  • Measurement uncertainty;
  • Commercial flow measurement systems; and,
  • Flow calculations.

MetSolv works as an independent and impartial third party through this process.

The MetSolv philosophy

Through the delivery of accurate and reliable raw-metering data and the utilisation of experienced metering personnel, coupled with having a full understanding of the operator’s requirements, MetSolv can focus on improving its clients’ oil and gas flow measurement, and in turn ultimately their profitability.

To find out more about what they can offer your business, contact MetSolv today on 61 (0) 7 5549 3379.

Metering Systems

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