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Flow Metering Appreciation

Get a practical understanding of the key principles of flow measurement in this comprehensive one-day course on metering.

The course provides an unbiased view of the various technologies available for flow measurement, how each of the components function individually and how they integrate into the measuring system as a whole. The course consists of the below modules and also open discussion sessions where participants can raise their measurement situations for advice.

On completion, participants will have an appreciation of the key elements associated with metering, including: 

•    Contractual, economic and procedural obligations surrounding flow measurement
•    Applicable Federal /State Standards or requirements / guidelines
•    Meter types and terminology
•    Measurement accuracy, the potential for inaccuracy and the procedure for mis-measurement reporting
•    Calibration requirements of the meter and the required frequency of calibrations
•    Flow calculations 

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This course is suited to anyone who is new to flow measurement in either a technical or non-technical capacity.

• Operations Staff
• Technicians
• Engineers
• Managers
• Personnel involved in metering activities

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